Brad Lomenick made a point with this post:

True influence is about more than just someone listening or reading. It’s about action. And it’s about change. If I simply buy your book and read a few chapters, but don’t put anything into action, are you really influencing me? If I listen to you speak, but make no changes in my life or the way I lead, are you really influencing me? If I follow you on Twitter, but it doesn’t change anything for me, are you really influencing me?

True leadership, in my opinion, has to include action. 2nd Level Influence. That notion that I am making a change, am taking action, am putting something into practice, and I will be different because of what you’ve said to me or what I’ve read from you.

Make things happen!

“When I am in my office, I am surrounded by several thousand mentors that sit on my bookshelves. Authors are virtual mentors. Some of them died hundreds of years ago. Others would never have time to meet with me one-on-one. But their writing is a form of mentoring. 

I’ve heard that the average author takes about two years to write a book. So that means when I read a book I gain two years of life experience. Read a hundred books this year and you’ll gain two hundred years of life experience”.

Mark Batterson

He’s right. This is a challenge for me. I know that I have to improve my reading. I try to read a book per month. Mostly I read Christian leadership & devotional books, Icons bios and Tech Magazines. I don’t have time for Sci-Fi or Novels right now…well, maybe the new Godfather’s books are the exceptions.
What about you? What’s in your table these days? How many books do you read?

One of the keys to financial freedom is NOT in getting “more” from God…but rather in managing what He’s already blessed us with!

Perry Noble

Shouting is not the same as anointing. Just saying.