“Statistics have faces.”
It is easy to forget this truth. We are so focus in reports and in our jobs that we don’t care about feelings…we care about goals.

A simple way to get more done during your day is to do your most important tasks during your productive hours. Some people find that they’re more productive in the morning. Others are more productive at night. And some are more productive in the afternoon.

If your schedule allows it, you could take it further by only working during your productive hours and taking the rest of the day off. For instance, if you find that you get drowsy in the afternoon, you can do your work in the mornings and evenings. And you can take the afternoons off.

Another example is if you do writing. You might find that you’re more creative during certain times of the day. If you’re more creative in the morning, you can do the bulk of your writing in the morning. The rest of the day can be left for your routine tasks.

To figure out which hours you are most productive, try keeping a time log. Record every activity you do during your day and the time you start each activity. Then see which hours you spent working and which hours you didn’t do any work (such as surfing the web or chatting with co-workers).

Keep a time log for a week. You might see a pattern of which hours you spend working. Those hours may be your productive hours.

Also, note how you feel during the day. Are there hours where you feel more energized? When you’re energized, you tend to be more productive. Also note which hours you’re more alert. See if there is a period where you feel drowsy. Perhaps you’re drowsy after lunch.

Once you’ve figured out which hours you’re most productive, do your more important tasks during those hours. Or move more of your workload to your productive hours. And do less work or easier tasks during your non-productive hours.

Thanxs to Francis Lui for the tips

Reading a post by Brad Lomenick I found this principle about Legacy:

It starts with a foundation. Your legacy is not determined by what you DO as you get old, but is more determined by who you ARE when you are young.

Your 20’s are incredibly important to the man or woman of God you will be. The foundation you lay for your life in your 20’s is what will determine the impact you have over the next 50 years. It will determine the kind of husband, wife, father, mother, employee, employer, friend, confidant, and leader you will be. 20 somethings- Create your legacy now.

It is so true. A lot of young people do not understand this principle in life. But good news are if you wasted your 20’s God has the power and the willing to help you to live a rich, influential and powerful life. Just let Him take control of your life NOW.

I’m reading “It” by Craig Groeschel. Good book, lot of insights. When Craig writes about not having vision, he shares this thoughts:

* Most ideas seem like good ideas. This leads to over-programming and burnout.
* There is nothing compelling to give toward. This leads to a consumer mindset instead of a contributing mindset.
* Instead of working together, people compete for resources.

I pray for vision in my life. But most importantly, that my personal vision could be in agreement with my Church Vision. If not, division is at the door.